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Sigma Chambers has a regular presence in Courts and Tribunals across Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh, including the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, District Courts and the Debt Recovery Tribunal, National Company Law Tribunal, Consumer Dispute Commissions and Labour Courts.

Our core areas of practice include:

  • Civil litigation including property and matrimonial disputes;

  • Commercial disputes involving contractual performances and recovery matters through civil courts, company tribunals (NCLT/NCLAT), and arbitrations;

  • Criminal litigation;

  • White Collar Crimes; 

  • VC & PE Transactions Advisory;

  • Business Development and Solutions;

  • Consumer disputes and labour matters;

  • Trademark, copyright and patent matters;

  • Cheque bounce/dishonour matters. 

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